See our Lovely moms below. Some AKC Show Potential and ACA & NKC Show and Pet quality babies.  We look for Loving Forever Homes for our babies and that is our Top Priority.  All of our babies can also be registered APRI, CKC and Worldwide if desired.  With our New Policy we will not allow an AKC Pedigree background to be given to buyers unless both parents and the puppy purchased is sold and registered as AKC.



My little Sweetheart TOOTSIE.  She is a Smoky Black with some hints of Red hilights!  Very Unique and Beautiful.  She is due to have her first litter now in Sept. 2014.  So Excited!  Daddy is Tiny Teddy.  She is such a Special little girl as she is the only one who carries a particular combination of bloodlines from decades past that carry a Varity of colors and combinations including Red, Liver, White, Silver, Parties, Blondes, Fawns, Champaine, and more!  Each litter with Toostie will bring Beautiful bundles of Surprises!  

Happy 1 year old Birthday Phatsue.  Hello, I am Beautiful little Toy Phatsue, and I am Sooooo Sweet.  Born Sept. 2013 to Mommy Jelly Bean and Daddy Co-Pilot.  I will someday be a future mommy to Wonderful little babies.  


This is our Very Rarely marked and Beautiful little toy girl BEAUTY in her puppy cut.  She has the solid colored body with a WHITE Mask!  This is only the 3rd. one ever born to us in my 42 years of raising Pekingese.  She is Due Sept. 2014 for her babies to be born.  Can't wait.  She is a Great mom and Loves her little ones.  Thier daddy is our tiny Theodore, who we call Teddy.

This is mommy Jelly Bean.  She was born with a perfect Black dot on her head which is called an Angel Kiss, but it reminded me of a Black Jelly Bean so that is what I named her. She is a Wonderful mommy, and is a small and compact toy with a Wonderful personality.  She is also mommy to Phatsue in a picture on this page.  

Tiny Tippy Girl is the daughter of our Supergirl and tiny Sying Sying, both who belong to my family Don and Wendy in California.  She is a Boarderline Sleeve and had her first litter of 3 all White puppies on 6-13-2012.  She is a Mommy's girl and has a special bond with Wendy that is so Sweet. You can see they soon on our Puppies Page. They will be Outstanding.  

 This is Precious little Madonna with her first litter.  She is a Wonderful mom. Small Toy with Small bone structure, and just plain the Sweetest personality.   








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