Once we allowed folks to our Home to visit with us and our Pekingese Family.  It was a Great Experience, and we Loved having families visit and pick up their new puppies.  Although unfortunately we no longer can do that, since the danger of carrying in contagious viruses are so High.  We know this for a fact because it happened to us, and 11 puppies from two litters fell deathly sick.  It two nearly two weeks up day and night treating those little angels, and we saved 9 of them to our Vets amazement.  I will never want to see our puppies suffer or die again, so folks please understand when we do not allow you to come visit and play with the puppies beforehand.  Hopefully our Excellent References including those from our Vets will calms your concerns about purchasing one of our Wonderful babies.  Now when you pick a puppy, we keep you updated weekly with new pictures so you can watch your puppy grow. They are raised with lots of love and attention so our puppies are Happy and Well socialized when you get them, Just ask our Many buyers if you'd like.  And if you are worried about Shipping a puppy, We ship with Continential's Pet Safe Program, with regulated temperature controlled Pet Cargo and the puppies are Never in the outdoor Weather conditions, as they are hand delivered to your pickup area in the Airport.  Below are some of the folks from the past who had visited us and picked up their puppies from our home.  Now folks send us pictures so we can still cherish them.