Some of our Adorable Past Puppies. We will be adding more great pictures soon.

Me and Tea



My Grandaughter Paigelynn with one of our tinies




 I use to always Crochet our puppies sweaters if they are going home in the Cold months





Traveling in a Purse!





White and Black Masked puppies.




Going to my New Home.





Wolf Blue Eyed






Taking a Swim




Rare Blonde Liver, Puppies.





Wow, now that's a Profuse coated baby!







Tiny Sleeves



Beautiful all Fawn with Black tipping.





Sleeve Peke





Just Beautiful Baby




Sleeve Peke Prada, in her basket ready to go to her new home.




Obi Whan, just went to his new home.





Champaine, just went to his new home, and See him in DOG FANCY Magazine in the April/May 2009 Featured Issue on the Pekingese. 



Fabulous Flashy tiny toy, Panda Bear style




Kisses Goodbye are Wonderful but sad




Little Red with Black Mask




A Puppy for Christmas!





Beautiful Black & White baby




Tri-color Party





Johnny Angel, tiny Red Sleeve