See our Lovely moms below. Some AKC Show Potential and ACA & NKC Show and Pet quality babies.  We look for Loving Forever Homes for our babies and that is our Top Priority.    With our New Policy we will not allow an AKC Pedigree background to be given to buyers unless both parents and the puppy purchased is sold and registered as AKC.

New Mommy Blue Eyed SKY due for her 1st Litter April 2018


New Mommy IVORY due for her 1st. Litter April 2018


Mommy Tiny Boarderline Sleeve Jersey, who is SO CUTE and tiny, with a HUGE Personality.  Jersey is fearless and always IN CHARGE, and controls the situation!  A Tiny Queen.  Jersey is in Season NOW February 2017 and is breeding with Tiny Teddy.  AWH what Spectacular Babies due!


My Tiniest Boarderline Sleeve girl Mona. OH What a little Sweetie Pie.  Mona is full of Love.  Just a Cuddly, Loveable, Kissable girl.  She could care less about debates, or control,  Mona just Loves Love!


Tiny Boarderline Sleeve BUNNY....And Bunny is FUNNY.  She is only about One inch longer than her sister tiny Mona above.  What a Character!  She is Playful, loves to Dance, loves to Cuddle, and she is So Smart too.  She is like having a really fun Playmate. And Tiny Bunny is DUE the end of February 2017 to have her litter and it's her and Lover Boy's 1st. time as Parents together.  OH MY GOODNESS, We Can't Wait to see these little Dolls!


Our Small Toy Mommy Poppins.  This is the Happiest little girl Ever. She Loves Everyone equally, and will sit in your lap all day.  She carries the Liver gene and both the Green and Gold eyes in her bloodline. Poppins is like MARY POPPINS because she FLYS!!!  This little girl can spring into the air and land with all the ease and grace that seems impossible for a little Peke.  She has an Amazing Personality, and is a Lot of Fun.  

 Beautiful little Toy Phatsue, and Sooooo Sweet.  Born Sept. 2013 to Mommy Jelly Bean and Daddy Co-Pilot.  She is Solid and strong, Cute as Pie, and full of Love. A Precious Personality, and a Great mommy too.  PHATSUE is in Season Now February 2017 and breeding to Beautiful Lover Boy for the 1st. Time.  We are Excited! 


This is our Rarely marked and Beautiful little toy girl BEAUTY.  She has the solid colored body with a WHITE Mask!  This is only the 3rd. one ever born to us in my 42 years of raising Pekingese.  Beauty is Amazing and quite a little Dancer on her two back feet.  We dance together and she taps her front paws against my hands as we dance around in circles! She also Loves to talk and Sing along and She makes me laugh all the time! She is Mommy to Mona, Bunny and Ivory above.



 OH THOSE EYES! This is my Precious Baby Doll little Madonna with her first litter.  She is a Wonderful mom. Small Toy with Small bone structure, and just plain the Sweetest personality.  

This is Our Sweetheart mommy Panda. Loving and So Smart. She is out of coat here due to having her 1st. litter of puppies, and she is a Wonderful mommy.  She gave us TWO puppies with Beautiful Blue eyes.  Her mommy is Shreklette, and her daddy is Blue eyed Frankie.  Her grandpa is Shrek, and grandma is Miss Milan.