IMPORTANT UPDATES: Our United Airlines Pet Safe Shipping Program has been Canceled due to new rules and regulations set forth by United as well as all other airlines regarding the cancellation of shipping Snub Nosed dogs and cats in their Pet Cargo facilities.  This includes 22 breeds now restricted from flying in  Pet cargo.  This has created quite an issue for breeders across the USA and Canada, and the majority are now no longer offering Shipping at all.  In my Personal experience, Ground transport has been a terribly Stressful way to send a puppy home if the trip is not a very short distance, as it takes days, and sometimes extended times riding with strangers, and the care has been much below standard in most cases with them delivering the puppies in sick, debilitated, dehydrated, soiled and sometimes even deceased puppies.  WE CANNOT DO THAT.  There are a few good Ground services out there although I have not found one that meets my standards as yet. 

    Although the Good News is, the Airlines DO STILL PERMIT all puppies of any breed to fly In-Cabin with a passenger on their lap in a soft carrier, which is now being offered Nationwide by Experienced Pet Nanny's.  This Service is Expensive and costs us almost Double of what the Normal in Cargo shipping costs were, due to the fact that the Pet Nanny ALSO Needs to Purchase an Airline Ticket for herself/himself, along with the puppy's ticket.  Our Transport costs to meet with the Pet Nanny's which so far are in different neighboring States, is also an additional cost to us. We have shipped with a Pet Nanny already with Wonderful results, as they will Meet with you in person at the airport nearest to you to hand deliver your new baby. 

TO DATE, We Justluvempekingese are STILL ASSUMING the additional costs without charging You the Buyer for shipping, and so the Cost of your puppy still includes Everything.  This may or may not be but for a limited time only.

WE SINCERELY PREFER if You can drive in to meet with us to pick up your puppy in person, and we do Drive , normally up to a 2 hour drive one way, to meet with Folks so that your trip is not so long. OR if YOU Yourself would like to fly in to pick up your puppy, we will meet you at the Airport.  IF YOU DRIVE IN and your drive is 600 miles or more you will receive a $350.00 discount off of the puppy's asking price, or if 500 miles or less you will receive a $250.00 discount, and we will Drive to meet you part of the way.  IF YOU FLY IN, you will receive the $350.00 discount although you will have to pay for the puppy's ticket and a soft airline approved in-cabin carrier to return home with you which the Price for IN-CABIN Puppy flights accompanied by a person can range between $100.00 to $150.00 depending on the airline you choose. Soft carrier costs are generally around $30.00 and can be purchased online.  

Feel Free to ask any questions at anytime.  Email me at or Text me at 909-754-6338.